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Blogs about: Guinness world records

Blogs about:  Guinness World Records 2010
Guinness World Records to examine Hanoi ceramic road next week
... ) when completed. On 5th October 2010, an official Guinness World Records adjudicator will travel to Hanoi to measure the mosaic and determine whether a new Guinness World Records achievement has been set.   The mosaic will be ... , local children and communities as well as welcoming international artists from around the world.”   “The result is a dynamic and vibrant ...
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World's Biggest Book Sells For Thousands, breaks Guinness World Records
... The only copy was completed in Hungary on March 21, 2010. Gordon Cheers, the managing director of the Australian book publishing ... , an official from Millennium House, indirectly questioned Guinness’ definition of “book.” “When is a book a book? If there is only one copy ... the British Library and was measured on Feb. 2, 2010. Guinness World Records hasn’t yet received a request to verify the book ...
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World Biggest Omelette Guinness World Records 2011 set by Turkey
... Georgia,"Times New Roman",serif;">The world’s biggest omelette was made in Turkey on the ... of Records confirmed that it was the biggest omelette of the world. The record breaking omelette has been brought to Ankara to celebrate World Egg Day 2010 and promote eggs as a healthy, affordable ... meal-friendly 3.625 tons. World Biggest Omelette Guinness World Records 2011 set by ...
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Corrie gets two Guinness World Records
One of the (very many) joys of being at the Coronation Street 50th anniversary press party this week was being there when Corrie was presented with not one, but two, Guiness World Records.  One award was given to Corrie for being the longest-running TV soap opera in the world. And a second award was given to William Roache for being the world's longest serving soap actor, as Ken Barlow.
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Guinness World Records and the Universal Record Database Explain Why They're Not Afraid of Each Other
... starting to open up to more wacky, web-friendly records than before? Could it be that Guinness is now taking cues from web startup ... ve enjoyed a relatively unchallenged seat as the officiating authority in world record setting, mostly in the form of their books and television ... -driven, totally open platform. When it comes to what sets them apart, Guinness' Jamie Panas defers to the company' ...
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The Best 10 Extreme Jump Videos | Guinness World Records Clip Video
The Best 10 Extreme Jump Videos | Guinness World Records Clip Video Thump up for everyone in this video, you are The Hero The man who jumps out of a plane without a parachute is very brave. The #1 jump will ... . Awesome video. The Best 10 Extreme Jump Videos | Guinness World Records Clip Video The Best 10 Extreme Jump Videos | Guinness World ...
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Susan Boyle celebrates after getting THREE Guinness World Records
... , said it was a 'real honour' to appear in the Guinness World Records. She said: 'I used to read this book as a wee girl. I never dreamt that one day I would actually appear in the Guinness Book of Records. 'A real honour': Susan Boyle with her three Guinness World Records 'I only ever wanted to sing and perform. This is truly fantastic.' ...
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Doctor Who in Guiness World Records 2010
... it was announced that the Guinness World Records 2010 book would include a double-page spread on Doctor Who, it was unclear whether this ... of all the Doctors, an interview with Matt Smith, talks of its records for Doctor Who Magazine, the novels, its longetivity, success, Hugo awards and talks about records of longest-serving companion, least and most prolific, youngest and oldest Doctor. Also, ...
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Guinness World Records Attempt For Most People Sanitizing Hands A Success
PHILADELPHIA (October 8, 2010) - The best offense is always a good defense. Prior to the Philadelphia Union versus LA Galaxy soccer match on October 7, more than 4,000 fans achieved a new record with Guinness World Records for simultaneously sanitizing their hands. SCA, a global hygiene company, and its Tork brand of away-from-home paper and hand hygiene products, sponsored the ...
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Guinness World Records title for Largest Gathering of Superheroes with Will Ferrell - Saturday, October 2, 2010 - LA LIVE - Downtown Los Angeles
... October 2nd as they attempt to make heroic history and claim the Guinness World Records title for Largest Gathering of Superheroes. The Mega-event is being hosted by DreamWorks Animation to celebrate the November 5th release of ... as stipulated by the record guidelines. A minimum of 1,501 superheroes must gather for the event to break the current world record.
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LA Area Readers: Will Ferrell Wants to Break a Guinness World Record
... they attempt to make heroic history and claim the Guinness World Records title for the Largest Gathering of Superheroes. The Mega- ... by the record guidelines. The feat will be judged by official Guinness World Records Adjudicator and Spokesperson, Stuart Claxton and will require ... of 1,501 superheroes to break the current world record. The world record attempt will mark the kickoff of MegaMonth, ...
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Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka sets Guinness World Record for largest cup of tea
... , but after publishing so many tragic articles on Sri Lanka, this makes a nice changeSource: Government of Sri LankaSri Lanka, a top tea exporter, entered the Guinness World Records for brewing the world's largest cup of tea. A giant red mug was filled with 1,000 gallons (4,546l) of water, 141lb (64kg) of tea, 1, ...
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Blogger earns Guinness World Record for most posts ever
... obviously the blog’s most frequent writer – has been awarded the first ever Guinness World Record for “most prolific professional blogger” ... a total of 17,212 posts as of July 29, 2010, which works out to about 11-12 posts per day over four ... : Guinness got back to us and gave us two social media related records: Murph’s and one for the #beatcancer campaign by @thatdrew: ...
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6 World Records in 45 Minutes
... when Alicia Weber (you can read more about her here, here and here) attempted 6 World Records in 45 minutes, you have to applaud her ... , speed, endurance, and to some extent co-ordination! So on May 27, 2010 at 1pm, the 6 events in order (and the number of ... Alicia.? SIDENOTE:? I wonder how she celebrated her world record?? Two pints of Guinness? Copyright © 2010 by All Rights ...
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Megamind's Guinness World Record: Largest Gathering Of Costumed Superheroes
The Guinness Book of World Records presented Will Ferrell with a certificate for breaking the world record for "largest superhero gathering" last Saturday at the Staples Center. ... break the previous record, and they officially reached 1,580 that day. According to World Records Academy, the record was last set in August 2009 by a New Hampshire children' ...
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