Thursday, October 21, 2010

International American Universities

Want to study in the US but confused about the American education system? This section includes international student info on USA universities, USA colleges, ESL schools, USA high schools, vocational schools, boarding schools, etc. Get info about the USA education system and how it works. What is the difference between a bachelors degree and associate degree? What are the differences between universities in the USA, USA colleges, and USA community colleges? Detailed information on associate degree, bachelor degree, masters degree, and PhD degree programs, academic credits, elective course options, types of USA schools, types of USA universities, what a liberal arts college is, and general USA education and graduation requirements for the international student.

Financing Your USA Education
Can international students work while enrolled in USA universities, colleges or schools? This section offers advice and information on paying for your education in the USA. Includes information on the cost of study in the USA and attending USA universities, USA colleges and other types of USA schools. Financial aid for US study, international student loans, grants and international student scholarships

International Student Admissions
How should I apply to study in the USA? A look at how the USA admissions process works. What do US universities, US colleges, boarding, ESL and other USA schools look for in international student applications? Plan your application in advance using our calendar. This section includes advice on choosing your major, selecting the right US Universities, US colleges or USA schools, US college entrance exams such as SAT, GRE and TOEFL, English as a second language (ESL) schools, college admission essay help, and other essential reading for students wanting to study in the USA.

USA Immigration
How does one get an international student visa to study in the US? Get information on immigration issues confronting each international student wanting to study in the US. Does the USA still welcome international students wanting to study in the USA? Which USA universities, USA colleges and USA schools are authorized to enroll international students? Includes international student visa application info, passports, USA embassy information, USA visa regulations, US green card lottery application, and even the new SEVIS immigration rules. Obtain USA immigration forms and read about some of the recent USA immigration changes that will affect your study in the USA.

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