Saturday, October 16, 2010

world amazing event

Roland statue, town hall and town musicians
The city's most important monuments are lined up around the market square. The Gothic brick-built town hall with its Weser Renaissance facade is one of Germany's finest. In front of it stands the Roland statue, a symbol of freedom and trading rights. Both have been included on the UNESCO world heritage list. On the western side of the square is the famous bronze statue of the Bremen Town Musicians from the fairytale by the Brothers Grimm. Little 14th and 15th century houses line the narrow lanes of Bremen's oldest quarter, the Schnoor.

However you will find the most craziest outfits on earth on above video

Japan is the most extreme country in Asia . The pornorgraphy industry grows significantly in this decade, and people styles are also changes tremendously. And for the fashion style, not many country even the most democratic country like USA can really allow these kind of outlook in the country.

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